I suppose the best place to start on a page like this is at the beginning. I was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire to an Irish couple in 1975. I was the middle child of 3. One elder brother and a younger sister. For reasons not exactly clear our mother went back to Ireland alone with our older brother. My sister and I ended up in an Orphanage run by Nuns.

In the early 80's we were adopted by an American couple. Adoption and I didnt really see eye to eye and shortly after starting secondary school I ended up in a boarding school for emotionally disturbed boys, run by the Salesians.

After leaving there, having failed my exams I went to Burford School, as a boarder, to retake them. Having somehow gained enough passes to attend Oxford College of Further Education on a Business Studies course.

After my first year my adoptive parents and sister moved to the USA leaving me to face the world alone. This was by mutual consent I hasten to add.

What then followed was years of attempting to fit in. I tried the rave scene, and all that entailed. A stoner. Binge drinking party boy. Etc etc.

All the while, having failed relationships with women. Mental health issues and suicide attempts.

Then in 2005 i got the opportunity to go to Ireland to meet my biological mother, my older brother I hadnt seen since i was 3, and my half brothers and sister. Shortly after this initial meeting I moved over permanently.

Carried on drifting between jobs and fitting in. More mental health issues and suicide attempts.
Then I met "Herself" my son soon followed. More mental health issues, including a gambling problem that nearly cost me my family, and then in Feb this year, the birth of #BabyPink and the catalyst to start my blogging adventure. My early posts can be found  here.

So to sum up, when asked who I am, the answer is.

Father to a wonderful son and beautiful girl, boyfriend to a long suffering partner, step father to two amazing boys, depression survivor, carer to my Autistic stepson, adopted son and brother and now blogger.

I hope you enjoy my musings and insights on parenthood.



  1. What an amazing story. I look forward to delving into your blog posts .

    1. Thank you. I hope you find he blog as amazing as you find my story.

  2. What an amazing story Alan! Hope you are finally in a happy place.

  3. I have good days and bad days. #BabyPink and the boys help on the bad days.

    Thanks for reading and commenting :-)

  4. Oh my goodness. I'm speechless. I do hope you've found some happiness and stability through your children and blogging. Thanks for the comment on my post earlier. Cheers.

  5. Yes the children have helped. Ever since I was young I've always wanted children. I'm guessing it has something to do with not knowing my own family and wanting a flesh and blood connection.