Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Leibster Award

WOW I thought, blogging for only a couple of months and I've won an award. Was it for my insightful writing? Breaking boundaries in digital media? My photography? Alas no. Much better than that. Instead of a panel of faceless judges. I was handpicked, for this is an award to recognise us bloggers working hard but just starting out and still with a small following. This award is designed to help us link up with like minded bloggers and pass the love on!
I was nominated by the lovely Laura over at All the things I used to know. Who has gone from the theoretical to practical side of parenting.
The rules are as follows…
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Answer their questions in a blog post.

Nominate at least 10 blogs with 400 followers of less for the Liebster Award.

Ask some questions of your own.
Let your nominees know you nominated them!

And, the questions I was set are…
What inspired you to start writing?
Way back in the early noughties I first heard about blogging and had a self hosted blog. This was more to play around with HTML and customisation, than from a content point of view. This time it was more as a way to "talk" about my feelings, worries, insecurities, etc. at becoming a father to a girl. In the short time I've been blogging it has evolved into a blog about #BabyPink, the boys and myself.

Ultimate dinner party, who are your 5 guests and why?
1. Nelson Mandela. To ask how he kept his dignity and sanity at being treated so badly just because of the colour of his skin.
2. Biological Father. I've not seen him since I was three years old. There are so many questions. 
3. Tommy Tiernan. I think he's brilliant. I know everyone expects comedians to be funny off stage but I genuinely believe he would be great craic.

4. Stephen Fry. The man's wit and humour, coupled with his own personal battle with mental health issues make him the ideal guest at a dinner party hosted by me.

5. Bob Marley. Who better to have for a bit of entertainment after the meal than this man.
What has been your favourite age so far and why?

I'd have to say. 33 as that was the age my son was born. Without sounding too cheesy, he melted my heart and I learnt what unconditional love is.
What are you scared of?

Similar to many abandoned and adopted children I have a fear of being left. I therefore try to avoid conflict and never really tell people anything for fear of upsetting them.
Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

Hands for feet. How would I tweet and blog with four feet?
What are your goals this year?

Take children and herself to the USA to meet their family over there. 
Go self hosted on blog and start some income streams from it.
Launch a #BabyPink clothing range.

If you could book a plane ticket anywhere, where would you go?

If I was travelling alone, Egypt. I always wanted to see the Pyramids and travel the Nile. 
If it was the whole family. Corfu. I had a wonderful summer there in 2002 working as a holiday rep, and then barman. It's a beautiful Island and the Greeks are wonderful hosts.
What is your favourite memory?

The days I found out I was going to be a Daddy.
What is your worst character trait?

I don't talk to anyone, about anything. Normally leads to more problems, as no one can do everything on their own.
And your best?

I'll help anyone with anything if I'm able to.

And the nominations are:


The Questions

What Blogs do you visit regularly, even without a new post being tweeted?
What is the main thing you hope to achieve with your blog?
If you had to share an apartment with 4 people who would they be and why?
Whats 3 items would you grab from your burning house. (Assume all family members and pets are safe)
If you could pick one post to go viral which one would it be.

Again thanks to Laura for the nomination. I enjoyed writing this post, even if I did have a think a bit more than usual when writing.

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