Sunday 19 April 2015

Have I Outgrown Star Wars

In 1975 a couple of things happened.

I was born and George Lucas released the first of the Star Wars Movies. 

These two events didn't have an impact on each other until some years later, when the second (Actually episode VI was released). 

My adopted parents took me and my sister to the American Base Cinema to watch The Empire Strikes Back, I was hooked. I spent the rest of that summer pretending to be a Jedi Knight. Luke Skywalker was my favourite character, Lord knows how many times I defeated the Dark Side with my lightsaber, made from a broom handle.

My pocket money was spent on action figures at the market. Birthday and Christmas presents for many years always included Star Wars toys. I had loads. 

As there were no DVD's and Videos were rare, movies were re released each year. Without fail I would beg to go see the Star Wars movies in the cinema, when they were showing.

Time went by. I grew older, started working, and forgot about Star Wars. 

Technology rediscovered my love of the series. We had the Digital Remastered Videos. Mobile phone ringtones and then the internet was born and there were Star Wars fan sites. Movie paradoys, fan films. I went Star Wars crazy again.

Then the news we had all been waiting for. Finally there were to be more movies. I scoured the web, whilst working, for spoilers, sneak peaks, cast interviews etc. Till finally the day came. A release date was announced. The Phantom Menace would be out in the US before the UK.

Time for a Stateside trip to see Mum and Dad. In order to coincide with release day I would have to miss my cousins wedding. I prebooked tickets before leaving the UK. It was everything and I thought it would be and more. Darth Maul wowed us with his double lightsabre, we saw a young Ben Kenobi, and there was merchandise aplenty.

This time I bought it with the intention of not opening and keeping for my son, when I had one. So I could pass on my love for the series and one day if he chose could sell the figures, watches etc.

Holiday over and a few months later at a midnight showing, I watched it again with my friends. I had a box of merchandise which was growing and growing. I even bought limited edition Pepsi Cans.

The next two movies came and were also seen on release date. By now there wasn't much time difference in the US and UK release, and finances didn't allow for trips just to see a movie.

Again years passed and Star Wars wasn't as high a priority. I met herself and watched them with her boys. Somehow they weren't the same. Was it just because I'd seen them so many times? Was I older and no longer wanted to be a Jedi Knight? I wasn't sure.

More time has now passed and a few days ago I saw a tweet mentioning the first Teaser Trailer was out for the new Disney Studios Star Wars Episode 7. This would normally have had me disappearing off somewhere quiet to watch it over and over in peace.

Instead I didn't. I didn't even click the link. No favouriting or RT'ing. I just moved on to the next tweet. Even now a week or so has passed and I still haven't watched it. 

I've just searched YouTube for the Teaser Trailer to include here.

 I actually watched it. The answer is no. It looks brilliant. Now I can't wait till December to take the boys to see it. Hopefully in 3D. It's amazing I started this post with the conclusion already made. YES I had outgrown Star Wars. One minute and thirty seconds of Teaser Trailer and the Force Has Awakened in me.

I'm off to find a broom handle to fight the Dark Side with. Now how do I get a pre release copy to review on the blog. 


  1. I was worried then! No one can outgrow Star Wars :)

    1. Have to say I am quite impressed with the trailers for new onw. Bit like when Phantom Menace was due to come out.