Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Tough Day

Today began just like any other. Repeated calls to the eldest to get out of bed for school. Rushing around trying to make packed lunches, supervising teeth brushing, playing find the missing tie etc etc.

We made it to school on time and headed home. There was a priest to ring, to arrange #BabyPinks Baptisim. Now that she was registered. Herself wanted to go visit a friend and the finishing touches to be added to the new paintwork.

That all changed the minute I walked through the front door. Herself was in the sitting room holding #BabyPink in her arms, whom was making a strange groaning noise in her sleep. "Into the car quick" I said "She needs to go to the DR"

Within minutes we were in the surgery and had jumped the queue. We were in next. what seemed like hours but was in fact only minutes and we were in the DR's office and he was examining #BabyPink. Within moments he was telling us to go straight to the hospital to the Paediatric Ward, not to go home first, and that he would tell them to expect us.

For an old girl the VW Sharan did us proud, barely any diesel, 120 kmph the whole way we were there in record time. I dropped herself off and went to park up. I'm not the best in these situations, especially where babies are concerned. So a quick cigarette before joining her. I didn't have to ask what room they were in. I'd know my daughters cries anywhere. She had been stripped naked, had a monitor wire attached to her foot, more on her chest and was lying on the bed roaring. The tears running down her tiny face.

"What's wrong with her" I asked. Then I saw the monitor display. Her poor little heart was beating at 249bpms. Not good. I rubbed her cheek to soothe her. The heat was horrific. The nurses were explaining that the heart rate and temp were way too high and they needed to get these down and find the cause for them being so high.

An ECG was performed. The printer didn't work! The machine was changed. Still they couldn't get it to print. The consultant appeared, there is no point getting a reading when she is like that he informed them.

Luckily I had to go and make phone calls to arrange lifts for the bys home from school. So I wasn't in the room when the dunked her face into a basin of iced water. This did the trick and soon her temperature was going down and the heart rate was at a more manageable 187 bpms.

They were now in a position to do the ECG. Still they couldn't print it! We were now able to give #BabyPink a bottle and this combined with me talking to her, had her smiling and gooing. We were told she would be staying the night and that bloods, an Ultrasound and chest X-Ray would nneed to be done.

Herself's brother arrived to collect her to get the boys. By this time, I had held her down whist the nurse inserted the line, and took what seemed like 50 viles of blood, but was in reality only 5!

Our suite was ready so off we went. Hurried phone calls to arrange for a bag of clothes to be brought over to us, later in the day.

Then off we went on our tour of the hospital departments. First port of call, ECG. Admiring looks and smiles as I walked past. #BabyPink in just a vest with a pink blanket wrapped around her. Sick as she was, she still looked cute and drew admiring looks and comments. ECG was fine. PHEW.

No sooner were we back on the ward and off to Ultrasound. #BabyPink didn't like waiting, but her attention was held by a poster, instructing us on the merits of hand hygiene. The nurse performing the ultrasound was brilliant Singing, making silly noises and taking in a funny voice were in her repetoire of distractions from the cold gel. Another clean bill. All organs were fine,

Last department was X-Ray. Rather quick and simple and back to the ward. a Tired baby coudn't stay awake any longer and fell asleep. Time for some toast and a coffee in parents room.

Back just in time to find her awake and crying. Into the arms she went. Happy to rest her head on my shoulder. Then came the news we wanted to hear. Thankfully all was OK, except for an infection in the left lung. This had caused the temperature, which had then caused the heartbeat to sky rocket.

A course of antibiotics and she'd be back to her old self. Thankfully she is drinking her bottles, not gonna miss a meal this one. We had a dose of antibiotics at 6pm, Then she lay in the cot and we played games with the only objects to hand. A blanket. We played peek a boo, then waved the blanket over her making silly noises. Amazing the fun you can have with a blanet.

Herself then turned up with a bag of clothes, phone charger and the eldest lad's laptop. Ah he may do nothing for me, have the attitude of a WWE Supertar but he loves me really. I know how big a deal it was for him to lend it to me. He lives on the laptop!!

I grabbed some tea and more toast. All there is in the parents room. Then all too soon herself had to go and it was #BabyPink and I alone again.

Thankfully the antibiotics must be starting to work as she finally fell asleep and has been ever since. Waking for a few ounces of a bottle and back to sleep.

It's nearly 1am, she is due more antibiotics at 2 and is stirring. The lovely nurses have a bottle warm and ready for her. After she drinks that and has her medicine I'm going to try and get some sleep.

Hopefully we will be going home tomorrow.


  1. Scary situation. Hopefully the antibiotics will sort her out, poor little thing. Make sure to rest. You're no good to her tired. :-)

  2. Ah she is still smiling and laughing away. On the mend, so hopefully home tomorrow. I've so many posts I want to write, tags to do, but i'm gonna turn off laptop and get some rest.

    Thanks for the kind words