Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Doctors & Hospitals

Before becoming a father I never realised just how much time would be spent in doctors waiting rooms and hospitals.

Maybe I was just lucky or don't really remember having to visit the doctor or A&E much as a child. There was once when I broke my leg and probably the odd time for an illness or infection, but I was generally a healthy child.

Now I know Herself is a bit over protective and would whisk the boys to the doctor at the sight of a cough or cold. I have managed to curtail this slightly and she will now wait a few days.

Even with this I seem to spend a lot of time driving to appointments, sitting around waiting and then driving home.

For example so far this month we have made 5 trips to the doctor, two to the health nurse and 3 (including tomorrow mornings) visits to the hospital.

None of these have been ones that could be avoided.

The eldest lad dislocated his elbow playing soccer. Well acting the maggot and tripped over the ball!! He is in cast. Back tomorrow to trauma clinic to check how its healing.

#BabyPink was in the doctors and referred to hospital. Read about that here. She has been referred for further tests, so yet more hospital visits.

Buddy, the youngest boy currently has Gastroenteritis, two Dr's visits, as he is on his fifth day with it and no sign of improvement. Even with that old favourite of Irish Mammies flat 7up and dry toast being the only things he has eaten.

That only leaves one child remaining. Number 2 son. He has been in for his asthma and will soon be attending the Psychology services for the area we have now moved in relation to his Autism.

Herself has also been a few times for women's problems.

Save to collect cream for my eczema and a repeat of my SRIs( happy pills) I am a picture of health. What we don't know can't hurt us I suppose. No seriously I rarely get physical ailments, coughs and colds seem to bypass me. The dreaded vomiting bug only got me once.

As I tell herself must be in her genes.

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