Saturday, 16 May 2015

To Google or not to Google

Thankfully after My Tough Day post. Which actually turned into a tough three days #BabyPink was given the all clear to return home.

It was with a warning from the Consultant that the episode of SVT she had suffered could have been a result of the lung infection and high temperature. Or an underlying heart problem. Only time will tell.

Anyway after this news, whilst I packed our belongings herself went to visit a friend who had been in for an operation.

Bags packed, bottle drank #BabyPink fell asleep on my shoulder. I sat down to watch the TV whilst waiting for her prescription.

Whilst doing this one of the DR's who had tended to #BabyPink entered the room. To say goodbye I thought. How wrong was I.

She proceeded to tell me that the urine tests had come back, and showed a kidney infection with traces of e coli. This would require another ultrasound, a catheter test to check for reflux on the kidney and then a further test as an outpatient. All of this whilst she took an 8 week course of antibiotics.

In a daze I nodded I understood and when asked replied "No I had no questions"

I quickly rang herself and told her to come back up straight away. After explaining to her the situation I went for a coffee and cigarette as the ultrasound would need to be done before we could leave.

Whilst I was doing this they decided that the one already performed would suffice and we could go.

Herein lies the problem. I understand what has to be done and why. Not how serious this could be nor how likely these scenarios could be. So do I ask Dr Google or just wait?

I'll save you the trouble. I Googled it!

I now know a few things.

  1. Knowing is never worse than not knowing. Thankfully the actual worse case scenario is nowhere near as bad as it was in my head.
  2. Google knows everything. I only had to type in a few keywords and result 1, page 1 told me everything.
  3. The more I say it 30-40% chance of there being something wrong isn't very good odds.
Luckily we shouldn't be waiting long before #BabyPink is given an appointment for the tests.

In the meantime it is hard to believe she is sick and is teething at the same time. She is still a smiley, happy little child. Who is trying to roll over, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so successfully. On the successful attempts she then tries to crawl. Which is one of the funniest things I've seen.

I'll have to video it and join in Aby @youmummymebaby and Em @snowingindoors Moving Picture Linky.


  1. Oh mate. This seriously sucks. It's horrid and even more so now I know how long you have to wait for tests. I'm like you...I get told stuff and never ask questions I'm sure drs do this because they know they can bombard you with lots of information that it takes you too long to process. Dr Google can be good at times although on with caution. Hope things change and you get quicker testing dates. #bigfatlinky

  2. We were in with GP Friday he is going to see if the tests can be brought forward as she is so young.
    I try to only use Dr. Google to see if Dr visit required or further information.
    Thanks for commenting.