Monday, 22 June 2015

A Letter to my Biological Mother

                     photopin (license)

Dear Mammy,

I remember that day in May 2005 I walked into your kitchen. I was a nervous wreck. My hands sweaty, my feet felt heavy, getting harder to lift the closer I got to the door.

Then, before I knew it I was there. It was too late to change my mind. I couldn't go now. So a deep breath and in I went.

There you were. In the flesh. Smaller than I thought and not as pretty. (I suppose I'd had 25 odd years, picturing what you looked like. No photos for reference. Never speaking to anyone who knew you. I suppose I had you down as a red headed beauty) But then you smiled and put your arms around me.

For that moment the world was right. All my worries and cares went away.

I suppose then I should have asked the questions. Maybe you would have answered. I didn't want to spoil it. Couldn't risk you telling me to go. Not after all the pain and all those years.

Maybe I should have told you what my life was really like. How you leaving me and my sister behind when I was only three, messed me up.

Perhaps I should have told you how scared I was in the orphanage. How the Nuns had me terrified.

Perhaps I should have told you how even now, I can't tell people something that might upset them.

Would it have made a difference?

What about if I had asked you why? Why take our elder brother and leave us behind?

I've children of my own now. I could never leave them. Never get on a train leaving them there, alone! Not knowing if I was coming back.

Even worse I could never take just ONE.

Your gone now. I'll never know the answers. Does it really matter?

We cannot change what has happened. Cannot change the past.

Why did you leave me Mammy? Why didn't you come back?

You've caused so many problems.

There's times I hate who I am.

Would I have been different if you'd never left me so?

Would I be a better man?

Could I be a better Daddy? I think we know I can. There's times I get frustrated. There's times I feel like crying.

You turned my heart to stone. Incapable of love. I havent many interests and hardly any friends. I'm not much good at talking and hate to be in crowds.

I still can see your face, the day I walked in the door. I suppose I should have told you, of all these thoughts I have.

Maybe then you might have told me, and answered all my questions.

I've a baby girl now. She's a real little cutie. She's brains to burn and looks to boot. Shes going to be a star.

I hope I don't screw her up with all my problems, so she doesn't end up a mess.
She has her life ahead of her along with her brother. Thanks to them, now, I know what love is. Buddy gave me a little glimpse and #BabyPink melted my heart of stone.

They can be anything they want Mammy!
At least they'll never never wonder WHY!



  1. This is beautiful and heart breaking all at once. It must have been very difficult to write. Thank you for linking it up to #AnythingGoes

  2. I've been thinking of writing it for a while. For some reason I just sat and wrote tonight. One draft no edits. I suppose its been a long time in the making.

    Thanks for reading and hosting