Thursday, 11 June 2015

Gummee Glove Review

As any parent will tell you teething is one of the worst parts of your babies development. So when the kind people over at throughly modern baby, sent #BabyPink a Gummee Glove to review, we jumped at the chance to test this multi award winning product.

Design - 9/10

I thought the product looked really cool and funky, and the matching storage/washing bag was a nice touch. #BabyPink seemed to enjoy the fact there were different textures to the product.

The style was great, especially the zebra print patch. Being a girl it would be nice to
get one in pink, as it did clash with her clothes a bit.

She has quite small hands and generally had them in a fist, this did make fitting and fastening an issue and some days it would fall off. (Maybe if the hand fitted right up inside the product and there was a sock type fitting instead of the velcro strap)

Fit for Purpose - 10/10

Definitely fits the purpose. #BabyPink does not like the taste of teetha gel, wouldn't take the granules and I only use Calpol as a very very last resort.

The Gummee Glove is brilliant, she would happily sit in her bouncer, car chair or our arms chewing on the product. It saved her from getting sick, as she couldn't stick her hand too far into her mouth, the arms of her sleeves weren't getting soaked with drool but most importantly she did appear to be getting relief from teething pains.

Ease of Use - 9/10

Very simple product to use, aside from the issues fitting the product, but these could be just down to my childs small hand and the fact she had it in a fist most times we were fitting it.

It is very simple to remove the heart shaped silicone attachment as she did not use this at all and found the glove very heavy with it in.

I'm sure once she is a bit older she will use this part also.

Value for Money - 10/10 

Certainly is value for money. Going on the RRP it is probably not a product I would have purchased without a glowing review from a friend, or a trusted blogger.

Having watched my child use the product it is definitely value for money, the fact it does not have to be repurchased like gels and powders, is not a medicine and unlike rings can be used by a baby not able to hold objects and without full hand eye co ordination.

Overall - 9/10 

This is an excellent product, and I thought so highly of it that I would be upset if we had gone off somewhere and had forgotten it.

Due to the minor issues I cannot give 10/10 but would give it 9/10 I would definitely recommend the product to parents of teething babies.

My Review 

When I opened the package and saw the Gummee Glove I though WOW how cool does that look! The bright yellow colour with zebra print patches. The different textures I wanted to try it myself. Needless to say it went straight onto #Babypinks hand.

This was a bit difficult the first few times as she kept her hand balled into a fist. Once I had the product fitted securely it became apparent that her lack of eye hand co-ordination would be an issue with the si
licone heart in place. This was very simple to remove and was done without taking the product from her hand.

She needed no encouragement from there on in. Straight into the mouth went the glove, the sound of her slurping and sucking on her hand replaced by the grunts and groans as she first knawed at the cloth section, then tried to fit the whole of one rubber side panel in her mouth.

It was easy to note the relief straight away. The benefits are more than just the relief, no more soaking wet cuffs on her clothes, no more being sick from sticking her fingers too far down trying to relieve the pain.

I thought the colours were funky to start with, but #BabyPink is a little girl after all. It didn't seem to match any of her outfits at all and did seem to stand out. Maybe if it was available in pink it would have gone a bit better.

The fact that there are different textures was brilliant. Sometimes she would be quite happy just sucking on the cloth, other times she would go mad chewing on the plastic side flaps.

She wasn't at all keen on the silicon heart attachment, which we also found made it a bit too heavy for her, and when it was in place she couldn't use the product for too long.

Overall we found the Gummee glove to be a fantastic item for relief from teething pains.

The fact that it is a one of purchase and will then last us for months is a lovely bonus.

I would definitley recommend the Gummee Glove to all parents for use when their baby is teething. I know it helped #BabyPink and allowed for many more peaceful car journeys and walks in the pram than we would have had without it.

Disclaimer: I was sent the product free of charge, in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This looks fab,mine are past the teething stage but would have loved to have one when they were.Seems ideal as they were always chewing their fists!

    1. I have to say it is great. Not something I would have bought, now I don't know how we managed without one on the other children.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.