Saturday, 5 September 2015


Some days I am shocked at what I see and hear by other members of the human race.

Yesterday I was in the queue at the post office and overheard a girl in her 20's complaining.

What was the complaint? Ireland had agreed to take in 1800 REFUGEES, yet was doing nothing about it's own homeless.

How could anyone question taking in refugees. No matter your political bias, socio economic background and standard of living how can you not be moved to want to help these people.

For parents to decide the risk of fleeing their homeland in an over laden raft, no life jackets on children who can't swim, is better than staying in their homeland then something must be done to help them. 

We can invade Iraq, detain people without evidence under the guise of terrorism yet cannot help genuine refugees. 

To those people I say "Shame on you!"

I don't have much, but have donated via Unicef Emergency Appeals Ireland

At times I wonder what sort of world my children are growing up in.

This picture from The Guidefather sums up my feelings.

So please show me there is some humanity left. Give whatever you can. Every €£$ will help. 


  1. Great post Alan! I have been skimming through various posts today all about #savesyriaschildren and watching videos as I have not even turned on the tv much this week. I have heard the news of the little boy who was found drowned and washed to shore and "it saddened me' is an understatement. I agree that if anyone believes themselves to be any kind of humanitarian they shouldn't turn their cheek. These are children! Children who are born with love in their hearts and exposed to hate so early...too early in life. Thanks for such a great post.

    1. I'm not one normally affected by these things. But seeing that poor child on that beach, knowing his poor parents must now live with the knowledge that by trying to bring him to a new life he lost his stirred something in me.

      Steps should be taken so these people don't need to risk life and limb to escape the atrocities in their homelands.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.