Sunday, 13 September 2015


I've been a smoker now for nearly 25 years.
I still remember my first cigarette, I know it's a cop out, but I genuinely started because of peer pressure.

I was 15 and on a school skiing trip to Italy. I used to hang around with the 6th Years, most of whom smoked.

We were behind the hotel and they were smoking. So I couldn't "grass them up" I was told to smoke as well. 

After that I just carried on. Being shy I found it was a way to meet people at work. All the smokers were banished to the smoking room, and then outdoors. There was a sense of togetherness. You would chat to other people, ask for a light, give a cigarette to someone who had none and borrow one if you were out.

I've tried many times to give up. Once even going 8 months. Stupidly after some stressful events I started again.

Having kids who are now saying when I grow up I'm going to smoke. I realise it is hypocritical to tell them not to, when I still do.

I've used gum, patches and medication in the past. None successfully. The only thing that worked was herself and me quitting together.

This time I'm going to try vaping as I really want to quit, but have found it harder since going back on them.

The date is not ideal. I'll be on holiday, but knowing I have a set date I'm going to stick with it.

The plan is to vape for Stoptober and then reduce the strength of the oils over the next month or so, till I quit altogether.

I'll have a weekly update on my progress. 

As Stoptober is not officially being run by the HSE here in Ireland I'm piggybacking on the NHS so will be visiting their website for advice.

If you're a smoker I seriously advise you to consider joining in with Stoptober. Together we can quit and lead healthier, smoke free lives.

You can sign up here.


  1. Yay! That's brilliant - well done you and good luck! I know its not the same but I have always been a nail biter! Yuk! I gave up 4yrs ago and only last month (through stress) I started biting them again, its a comfort. I feel like ive let myself down as my nails were lovely and I was really proud of myself. The thing is, the only way I can stop biting them again is if I am ready. Eventually, I will just say enough is enough and STOP. Its really that simple but you have to be ready, much the same as you I think. The patches, vapour etc will only work if you are ready. xxx

    1. Yes they do so you have to be ready for it.
      Hopefully this time will be the last time I have to give up.

      Thanks for commenting. Good luck stopping the nail biting.