Monday, 22 June 2015

A Letter to my Biological Mother

                     photopin (license)

Dear Mammy,

I remember that day in May 2005 I walked into your kitchen. I was a nervous wreck. My hands sweaty, my feet felt heavy, getting harder to lift the closer I got to the door.

International Picnic Day 18th June 2015

The nice folks at House of Fraser sent #BabyPink and the boys one of these lovely picnic blankets to use on International Picnic Day.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Fatherly Advice

The Idea

We all have at least one piece of great advice our fathers gave us when we were young. Some people have more than one. Ron over at +Modern Dad Pages is compiling a list of all this advice and is going to be doing a post after Fathers Day. If you haven't done so, please head over to his post and leave your Dad's advice to you on the post here.

This got me thinking. I've actually had a post in mind or a while now, 18 things I will teach #BabyPink. Getting my head round infographics is taking longer than I anticipated. So until that post is ready I thought I would do a similar post to Ron's, except, this is advice we as Fathers would give our children. Or for the Mammy bloggers a piece of advice their husbands, boyfriends and childrens fathers have given to their kids.

I will then collate this into a post and use it in +El and Baby A and +Kellie Kearney  #linkalist linky.

The Rules

  • One piece of advice each (if you have boys and girls you may do one piece of advice for each)
  • please tag at least one friend and share the post
  • leave your advice as a new comment below

My Advice

Its better to lose playing fairly, than to win dishonestly. 

Gummee Glove Review

As any parent will tell you teething is one of the worst parts of your babies development. So when the kind people over at throughly modern baby, sent #BabyPink a Gummee Glove to review, we jumped at the chance to test this multi award winning product.

Monday, 8 June 2015


Last week I went upstairs to Buddy's room after him and his friend had been playing up there.

It was a mess, toys, clothes, colouring books and markers everywhere.

"Buddy what happened here?" I yelled down the stairs.
Innocent as you like and deadly serious he replied. "It wasn't me, it was a tornado"

Niccolò Ubalducci Photographer via photopin (license)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Weaning Wednesday #2

I covered last week in my post for #weaningwednesday how mashed potatoes are a staple first food when weaning a child in Ireland.

This week I will tell you about a secret club for Irish Mammies.

Monday, 1 June 2015

From the Mouths of Babes

So whilst driving past a field of cows Buddy and I have the following conversation.
Buddy "Daddy do you see the Black Bull and the White cow?"
Me "Yes Buddy I do."
Buddy "Did they have babies and that's why there are all the Black and White cows?"
Me "I don't know son, I really don't know"

Smile every time I drive past that field and see one Black, one White and 50 Black and White cows!!

photo credit: Holstein Heifers (1975) via photopin (license)