Tuesday 14 June 2016

100 Not Out

I realised a few posts ago that I was coming up to a century of posts. I have to admit I was a) shocked b) surprised and c) slightly concerned. I mean what sort of blogger doesn't realise this and have a fab giveaway ready. Erm a blogger like me.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Wicked Wednesday #1

We do not negotiate with Terrorists!

After a quick shopping trip this morning we returned home. As I was flying solo, Mrs OMG having gone off with a friend, I brought the shopping in and then returned to the car to get Little Miss OMG.

Saturday 21 May 2016

Tantrums, an Introduction and Returning to Work

A Tantrum

Last week we had an almighty tantrum in the OMG house. Not as you'd expect from the toddler, nor Buddy or even the Autistic child. It was from the pre teen.

There was hair pulling, screaming and tears, and that was from me! "What caused such a meltdown in a 12 (13 next month) year old?" I hear you ask.

Because you could see his boxers through his white shorts!

WTF! When I was 12 all we thought about was playing football, not if anyone could see our boxers. We probably even flashed our boxers a few times. Never mind, he'd bloody insisted he had to have white ones, only that morning. Five shops and 20 quid later, now he doesn't want to wear them coz if you squint and the planets are aligned you can just about see the outline of his boxers. Not on my watch sunshine.

Turns out it had nothing to do with the see through shorts and more to do with not leaving the PS4! Kids today, bone idle.

An Introduction

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat will have seen references to Little Miss OMG. Don't worry she's not some lovechild I've only just found out about.

BabyPink is now nearly 16 months old. Well out of babydom and into the throws of toddlerhood. I could upgrade her to Toddler Pink, but that is going to require changes again as and when she hits the next stage of growing up, and then again and again and again. You catch my drift.

So an executive decision was taken by the board of BabyPink and The Boys Incorporated. Namely me. To go forth from here calling her Little Miss OMG.

To the rest of you. Why aren't you following me across all my social media channels?

Returning to Work

This week has been tinged with sadness. It's my last week getting to spend every waking hour with the kids. Well thankfully the boys are in school during the day, so it's mainly Little Miss OMG. As from next Wednesday I'll no longer officially be a SAHD.

Economic reasons have taken precedent over my physical presence. Basically we need the money more than we need me in the house. So I applied, interviewed and got a job. All in the space of FOUR days. Who'd have thought it would happen so quickly!

I'm now officially a door to door sales rep for an electricity company. I'm sure it will lead to some blog fodder and will hopefully get us to the US for Christmas and a car that works, is comfortable and doesn't cost a fortune to run. I'd love to go electric, alas there are no 7 seaters anywhere near what I can afford. So it's a 2002 Opel (Vauxhall for my British readers) Zafira.

It's going to be hard not being around Little Miss OMG all day. She's just getting to the fun stage every day she's trying new things and her personality is coming out

Thanks for stopping by. All comments gratefully received and will be replied to. Eventually! 😀

Sunday 8 May 2016

My Sunday Photo 8th May 16

With the lighter evenings and the boys being outside playing Little Miss OMG wants to be out with them.

It's been great to watch her grow in confidence and independence.

Whereas just a few weeks ago she wouldn't take a step without me being beside her, now she will happily wander around the green babbling away to herself.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Love2Read Personalised Book Review

I'm really, really bad at present giving to my family in the States. I've still presents to be posted that were meant for Christmas!!

Monday 25 April 2016

From the Mouths of Babes 25/04/2016

Buddy can be a Royal Pain in the backside at times, but then he comes out with pearlers like this one and you can't help but laugh.