Monday, 22 June 2015

International Picnic Day 18th June 2015

The nice folks at House of Fraser sent #BabyPink and the boys one of these lovely picnic blankets to use on International Picnic Day.
The Gods conspired against us to actually get to use it on a picnic before he day itself. So instead of an amusing recollection of our picnic this post will instead feature our favourite picnic locations.

As selected by the Boys.

First up as usual, the youngest Buddy.

The Local Park

This gets my vote for a number of reasons.

1. Public toilets nearby. No little boys peeing behind trees

2. Shops nearby. Easy walk for any forgotten essentials

3. Plenty to do. Swings, slides, zipline etc

4. Nature walk along the river bank

5. Dr. across the road for any accidents

6. Picnic tables 

Next up was number 2 Son

Tramore Beach

One of my favourite spots. Not so good as a picnic venue though.

1. Sand in sandwiches not a good filling.

2. Funfair always costs a fortune.

3. Fish and chip shops nearby, picnic always gets fed to seagulls

Then finally The Twoddler

At Home

This is because he has reached that age where doing anything with family is BORING!

1. It does have WIFI though

2. Clean toilets

3. Naughty step

4. Not far to go if it rains

5. Dog friendly

As it is The Eldests birthday soon, he was told no new phone unless he picked somewhere for a family picnic. He decided on Tramore. So this Sunday we will be packing up the car and heading to the beach for some fun and games and a picnic. Hopefully the rain stays off.

Where do you go for your picnics? 

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