Monday, 13 April 2015


#BabyPink is approaching 9 weeks old. Depending on which parenting books and sites you read, she should be sleeping for around 15 hours a day. 10 at night and 5 during the day spaced out over 3 or 4 naps.

Well she has the daytime routine down pat. That girl loves her daytime naps and provided she gets a bit of peace and quiet will drift off quite happily and have her naps.

Night time now is a different story. It seems a bit like the Irish weather nothing is predictable. One night she will fall asleep at 10 pm and won't be seen or heard till 6 or 7 the next morning. The next night she will be up till 1 or 2 am before finally going off only to reawaken with the morning chorus.

Herself blames me. Of course. For as long as I can remember I could never get to sleep. At home I would be reading books by torchlight or playing handheld electronic games under the duvet. Oh how man times I fell asleep playing Donkey Kong Junior on silent.

At boarding school I'd have my walkman on, and ,be kneeling on the bed my upper body under the curtains reading a book by the orange light of the street light outside.

Even now it's 1.30 am and here I am blogging away. I don't mind #BabyPink having an eratic night time routine. After 8 or 9 pm herself goes to bed and it's my time with her, all alone.

I know soon enough for her own good we are going to have to get her into a more sensible sleeping pattern. For the time being I am enjoying those extra minutes I get alone with her.

It's during these times I have my fatherly chats with her. Where I tell her all the things I would want to tell her when she is older, but she won't want to listen. You know, You've too much life ahead of you to worry about boyfriends. When she is out with her friends to always stick together. Before getting a permanent job, travel, see the world. There's a long list of them,  might even cover them in another post.

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