Saturday, 2 May 2015

#BabyPink has arrived

It's just over a year now since #BabyPink was born. I thought it would be a good time to look back.

This post was written the night she was born after returning home from taking her brothers to meet her for the first time.

Firstly my thanks to El for the name Baby Pink.  I was wondering what I should refer to my daughter as on this blog. Initials seem so impersonal.

Much as I am thrusting her into the public eye, albeit a very small one at present, with time I hope it will grow further. I've merchandise planned, guest posts and of course the holy grail of blogging, Sponsorship. All of which I would hope to do, yet still grant her anonymity until such time as she chooses to go public, or not as the case may be.

Ironic I know, every movement, gurgle, tantrum, etc will be scrutinized and the words "That will make a great post" uttered subconsciously.  Yet I want to remain anonymous and in doing so her as well. How to do this and still  have a recurring name to use was  a problem I had wrestled with, until El wrote Baby Pink in the comments on a post. A light sparked and Baby Pink was born.

 So here she is, the tiny, helpless little girl, who had a grown man quaking in his boots at the thought of her arrival.

Baby Pink

Beautiful isn't she. But then I am biased. How anything so small and beautiful, could cause so much anguish and sleepless nights is a wonder. But she did.

That moment I looked into her tiny eyes, as she gurgled and blinked. I knew she was going to break hearts. She already has Mine! There is a cheeky glint and a sparkle that I know can only mean one thing trouble with a capital T.

Well it is late now, so  I will say goodnight and fall  asleep happy and contented, knowing that she is  safe and being cared for by her Mammy and the wonderful  staff in St. Lukes Hospital Kilkenny. I intend to make the most of it.  She is going to give me sleepless nights, that's for sure.


  1. ahhh shes adorable! :) i also was filled with fear at finding out Amber was a girl. but shes 4 now and i wouldn't swap her for the world!

  2. AW thanks. No I wouldn't part with her. Don't tell her Ma but she has me wrapped round her finger already