Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Weaning Wednesday #2

I covered last week in my post for #weaningwednesday how mashed potatoes are a staple first food when weaning a child in Ireland.

This week I will tell you about a secret club for Irish Mammies.

Weaning Club.

The first rule of weaning club. There is no weaning club.
The second rule. The child must eat mashed potatoes.
The third rule of weaning club. When the child can hold objects and put them in their mouth unaided, you must give them Tayto Snax!

For those outside Ireland Tayto Snax are a type of crisp, but they are light and puffy.
As soon as an Irish child has started weaning, by this we mean has eaten mashed potatoes, out come the Tayto Snax.
Safer than a normal crisp, no danger of chocking as they melt in the mouth.
I'm fairly certain that the only people that eat them are toddlers and weaning babies
You will see young children sitting in shopping trollies, in push chairs, high chairs and walkers eating Tayto Snaxs.

They are also handy for when they reach the crawling stage. As we all know crawling babies can be hard to get to go in the direction you want. A trail of Tayto Snax can be left along the desired route. Bear in mind this will not be a fast crawl, as they will stop at each Snax, drool, dribble and smash them to pieces. It will buy you 5 minutes to have a cup of tea, or quick loo break though.

Once they reach toddler stage this works in reverse and you can locate a missing child by the trail of Snaxs left behind. Not so good if you have a dog. They follow along behind picking up the dropped ones. I once followed the drool spots and found the dog eating an empty Tayto Snax packet under the bed. The child was in the en suite using my toothbrush to clean the toilet!

I once suggested a piece of soft fruit. Never again. There is an order tried and tested by Irish Mammies throughout time. Mashed spuds and soup, Tayto Snax, Liga Biscuits and so on. I think the nurses on the labour ward make the new mams learn the list by heart before they are let home with the new baby.


  1. This post is great! We don't have anything like Tayto Snax here. The ubiquitous weaning food are Puffs. They're tiny, heart shaped snacks of puffed grain that are mostly crushed underfoot and are seen everywhere here!. Great post! You have a new follower!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Its amazing how different foods are in all the English speaking countries.
    I still can't get over the differences between England and Ireland and they are so close to each other.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. This made me laugh! My old flat mate (from N Ireland) was obsessed with Tayto crisps, they certainly have a strong following!
    Amy (Feeding Finn)

    1. oh yes the Irish are very loyal to Mr Tayto and his crisps. So much so that all crisps are referred to as taytos.


  4. Next week pink wafer biscuits! My mother in law keeps giving my baby "pandy". Her pandy is 30% potato 70% butter!

    1. ooh yes pink panthers.. thanks for the idea.. my lad could get through a packet in the trolley before we'd made it round tesco's lol

  5. haha at the trail of food! I've never seen these before. Thanks so much for linking up and hope to see you again #weaningwednesdays x

    1. You are welcome. Thanks for hosting. Raging i didn't get time to write post for this week. Have ideas for some more just need to write them :-0