Monday, 6 April 2015

Bank Holiday Blues

Today should be a great day. A Bank Holiday Monday, the sun is shining so why am I feeling blue?

I will tell you.

Because my car has decided to lose power. Depending on which mechanic I talk to it could be one of three different things. None of which is cheap to fix. Being as I am a Carer for our Autistic son, and herself is disabled, it means money is stretched. We bought the 7 seater when #BabyPink was nearly due. Its a 2001 Volkswagen Sharan. A lovely car to drive, fits us all in with room for bags, prams and all the other paraphernalia that goes with 3 children and a baby. Unfortunately we got ripped off. Since buying it 6 months ago for €1100 we have spent over €1500 on repairs.

Now something major has gone wrong!

Normally on a day like today we would pack a picnic, jump in the car and head to the beach, the Sleive Bloom Mountians or Dromineer lake.

We are going nowhere. Well we can go but not fast, and the car is now taking to loosing all power. Not safe when travelling with a car full of children on a buy Bank Holiday.

To make it worse, the eldest lad's soccer team are in the quarter finals of the cup. The first leg was Saturday, they won 1-0 and the second leg is today.

I love watching him play his matches and feel it is important to have support there for the team and him.

So instead of cheering him on, heading out for some outdoor fun in the sun. We will be at home.
Looking at the windows they could do with a clean. # BabyPink sleeping so where is my bucket and squidgy?

What are you doing this Bank Holiday I look forward to reading your posts this evening.


  1. Aargh broken cars are SO frustrating. Everything seizes up. I really feel for you. Hopefully this is just a blip in time and you'll be back to full action again in no time.

  2. Ah no. Just saw this and now makes perfect sense when you said you were spring cleaning! This properly sucks. I hope the week improved a bit for you.

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting. The sun came out, which always helps. :-)