Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Adoption Story - Leaving the orphanage

As I've said before I don't have many memories of my childhood. One I do have  very vividly is of the day we left the orphanage for good.

My Sister and I knew the day was coming. We had been told by the social worker, our "new parents" and the staff in the orphanage. There was great excitement among all the children. Perhaps it gave them hope, they too might find a new home.

I don't recall any other children leaving before we did. Maybe it happened and I just don't remember.

The day dawned, our last day in the orphanage. We had our breakfast as usual. Mine hidden in the bin by Doreen. Of all the people from that period of my life she is the only person whose name I remember. She must have been an incredible lady to make such an impression on me.

We got washed and dressed, and then were told not to get dirty.
Suddenly there was a shout from one of the children. "They're here! They're here"
Before I knew it there were my "new parents" in front of me.
They told my sister and I they had to speak to the Nuns first and then we'd be going to live with them.

They walked off down the corridor. "Quick hide" someone said. Was it me? My sister? Another Orphan? I don't know. But hide we did.

There was a small play room, faded wallpaper with a garish pattern. This was the 70's after all. A red cloth armchair, showing obvious signs it had been well used, in one corner. Then there was a table, with a table cloth to the floor. I tried to get under it. As Jesus and Mary found there was no room. My sister and a few other children had beaten me to it.
Behind the chair I went.

Why was I hiding? Surely I wanted to leave the orphanage. Was the fear of the unknown so bad I'd rather stay with the Nuns? I really couldn't say.
Needless to say our hiding places were soon discovered and it was time to go.

Into my new parents pale blue vw beetle we went and drove away from the orphanage for good.


  1. Wow what an incredible story x

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Aby.

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  2. Thanks. Doesn't seem so incredible to me. Was just my life and I had no control over it. There will be more posts over the coming weeks.

  3. I can understand the hiding, leaving everything you've known is pretty scary for anyone, but especially for a child!


  4. Its only as I look back with an adults eye I can see why I did what I did. I was 5 then and been in orphanage for 2 years.
    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. It's interesting as a child hiding in somewhere that was comfortable must have been important. Even if it wasn't necessary to you wanting to be there.