Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Perfect Family

Since the birth of #BabyPink I've been hearing the same thing from a number of friends and family members. "Now you have your girl you can stop"

This really infuriates me. For a number of reasons.

Firstly it implies that herself and I only had another child to try for a girl.

Why do people assume we would not have been happy had #BabyPink been a boy?

Why should we not have more children just because we now have boys and a girl?

As my twitter name @omgitsagirl and first blog show. I would have preferred a boy, but provided baby was healthy. I would have been happy no matter the sex.

My very first post covered my initial feelings on becoming a father to a girl. Read it here.

Now I'll clear a few things up. No matter what sex #BabyPink had been, I was having no more children. I am 40 this year. Herself and I had already said before she became pregnant this would be the last.

At no point did we decide to "Try for a girl"
We decided to have another child. Full stop!

I know people who have four or five children of the same sex and continue to have them in search of that elusive girl or boy. Why?

Now that I have #BabyPink I wouldn't change her for the world, but  if she had been a boy I would feel exactly the same, and there would be no more children.

Perhaps to some having a child of each sex is a perfect family. To me, even if we'd had another boy my family would be perfect.


  1. Agreed.. Who cares what you have..? I was just blessed to have a baby let alone worry about if he was going to be a boy, girl...

  2. Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

  3. It's strange because sometimes we get caught up in what we wanted. When we expected our first we both wanted a girl so did the family. People asked if we were disappointed in getting a boy. I can see why they asked but saying that I could only see my gorgeous baby boy and didn't care. We didn't care on our second. Now down the line having two boys is great. I can't imagine having a girl. Family is family. The second I saw my boys gender wasn't there. Just my beautiful babies.